Amauri Torezan  (Brazilian, b. 1972)

Torezan is a contemporary artist living in southern Florida in the United States. Inspired by representations of the future and abstract art produced in the Mid-20th century, the artist developed a unique style creating hard-edged compositions seen in his paintings, sculptures and murals. 
In his timeless work, geometric forms seem to be floating around each other as the contrasting colors enhance the exuberant depth effect, creating a sensation of burgeoning life.
Torezan's works of art were recently exhibited at The Baker Museum, Coral Springs Museum of Art, as well as in numerous art galleries and international art fairs.
In 2016 Torezan collaborated with the Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer, presenting a limited edition of hand-painted watch straps during his solo exhibition at their Miami Design District location.
His art is part of collections throughout the United States, Europe and Brazil.